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Dedicated vs. Managed Hosting

Managed web hosting is when the client will lease web hosting from a web hosting company. The web hosting company is then completely responsible for the management of the client’s server. Managed web hosting is popular with both large and small companies. Dedicated hosting falls under managed web hosting and is a very popular type of hosting for a variety of reasons.

What is dedicated web hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is when a web hosting company leases a private section or entire server to a client. Hosting companies will all have different hosting packages. In general hosting companies will supply hardware, software and also effectively manage the client’s server. This type of web hosting is the most expensive as it is the most extensive service a web host will offer.

Hosting Support

Some Hosting companies will offer a medley of support and added features to dedicated server accounts. The biggest benefit of having a fully managed hosting account is that you leave everything to the web hosting company and have little to do with the responsibility or management of your own server.

Tailored service

The web hosting company will also allow users to customize their hardware and software requirements. Choosing dedicated hosting plans will allow users to have access to advanced technical features that they may not have been able use. Some examples of advanced features include adding complex databases, media viewing, added software features, and advanced email or account administration options.

Experience with the server

It is an added bonus to have the web hosting company manage your account. There are a few reasons for this; firstly the hosting company will know exactly how the server operates and how to maintain its optimum performance. Secondly, the hosting company will also be able to recommend adequate software to suit your needs in relation to the current server. All of this will save you time and money. Most hosting companies have experience tailoring dedicated hosting plans to users needs and will be able to set you up accordingly.

Bandwidth allocation

Dedicated plans will allow greater bandwidth and faster server speed. The server speed is faster because the server is confined to one user’s traffic. The server is also comprised of a large network of connecting multiple servers that create a more powerful network. When choosing a web hosting company, be sure to check the amount of allocated bandwidth. Some web hosting companies boast unlimited bandwidth, but this is not always entirely true. However, if you choose a dedicated hosting server you can discuss bandwidth options with the hosting company. Generally the amount of allocated bandwidth with dedicated hosting is huge.

Self managed hosting

Although dedicated hosting is the premium hosting option available on the market today, it is not a good idea to jump straight into it. Some companies prefer self managed web hosting plans. Their reasons vary. Self managed hosting plans are cheaper and some companies may want to manage and maintain the server privately. Managing a large server privately takes a lot of time, dedication and an experienced IT team.

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