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Setting up a good website takes time, dedication, research and money. Finding the best web hosting company is as important as the design and layout of the website you are going to upload. All web hosting providers will allow users to choose between managed and unmanaged hosting. There are a variety of types of hosting services and all will have different options. Whichever hosting option you chose, whether it managed or unmanaged, there are a few things to look out for when choosing a hosting company.




It goes without saying that reliability is a key factor when choosing any service you are going to have to pay for. The reliability of the web server will affect the functionality of your website. If the server fails for any reason, your website will not be visible online.

If you have opted into a managed web hosting service and have full control over the server, you will want a reliable efficient service that you can depend on.


Bandwidth and disk space


The more bandwidth and disk space you have at your disposal, the better your website will function. This is especially relevant to users that use large amounts of multimedia. Visitors to your site will not have the patience to sit around, and waiting for a video to load, and will move on to another website. The disk space that you are allocated with the account will depend on what type of web hosting you choose and how much you pay. Most web hosting companies offer large amounts of disk space. If you have a large website that requires a large amount of disk space it may be a good idea to opt for cloud hosting or dedicated hosting.




Web hosting companies offer a few different managed plans. Some offer fully managed, semi managed and non- or un-managed options. Fully managed normally refers to a dedicated managed hosting server and can be more expensive. A dedicated hosting server option will give the client full responsibility to maintain the server. In addition, the client is also granted full root access. A managed server is an entire server that is leased out by the client. The client is responsible for the maintenance of the server. The client isn’t given full root access but is granted other administrative perks and freedom to build an appropriate managed website.



Fairly often the amount of support you receive is relevant to how much you are paying for the service. However, there are some reliable companies out there. These companies will provide email, phone and instant messenger customer support twenty-four seven. This type of support is essential, whether you are opting for a managed or unmanaged account.

Although dedicated managed hosting plans imply that it is up to the client to maintain their own service, the hosting company will provide technical support and general assistance if needed. Some companies will offer software support, sales support, email, phone and instant messenger support as well as a monitoring service.




Quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of a lower price, but more expensive does not necessarily mean better quality.  For quality hosting at a reasonable price we recommend BlueHost.  You can save even more on your purchase when you use one of these Bluehost coupons at checkout.  There are several other good companies to choose from, but HostGator offers a great mix of quality and affordability.

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