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When starting a new website you have to consider what the web hosting package will be best. Webmasters should also consider what their limitations are when confronted with complex technical software and how to effectively monitor and manage hardware and software relative to the server. Luckily, web hosting companies offer both managed and unmanaged accounts for clients to choose from. As a webmaster you may not be required to understand as much technical jargon as you previously thought. Managed implies a managed hosting service provided by a web hosting company. Managed web hosting is more expensive than self managed. There are many pros and cons to dedicated or managed web hosting plans.

Own server

One of the benefits of this type of hosting is that users are effectively given their own portion of a server. This allows for a large amount of space to upload any additional software and creates a flexibility to choose more advanced options when administrating an account. Dedicated web hosting is the premium of all web hosting. A managed hosting plan will offer users greater reliability.


The server is more dependable because the server, or a part of the server, is only leased to one client at a time. Dedicated web hosting also grants users a greater amount of bandwidth, and servers will be made up of high powered networks through multiple providers. This setup also ensures for greater response time.


When opting for dedicated web hosting users do not need to worry about hiring extra technical help as web hosting providers will provide software and hardware support. The type and extent of support will depend on which provider you choose. Most web hosting providers will provide security support, monitoring your system to ensure your data is protected and free of trojans or malicious software. Web hosting companies will also back up your data on the system in case of any emergency. Users will generally be provided with 24/7 technical support and will be able to contact the web hosting technical team by email, chat or phone.


Users opt for dedicated hosting because it is the best money can buy. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive. Large online companies will choose dedicated web hosting because of the large amounts of bandwidth, support and disk space offered with the service. There are many companies on the internet and not all are reputable; users should research companies online before opening an account to avoid disappointment. Check online forums or find out what the larger companies have to offer. The market is very competitive and there is a wealth of options to choose from.

If you choose self managed web hosting you will have full control of your server – this may be a better option for some companies or individuals who wish to effectively manage the server independently. Managed web hosting does not grant users much control over the administration and monitoring of the account.  By investing in managed web hosting webmasters will be paying for the management of their server. This will leave the web hosting company in charge of your dedicated server.

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