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Types of Managed Hosting

There are many web hosting options on the Internet. If you wish to manage your server and take more of an active role in the maintenance and general running of your own server, then looking into managed hosting options is probably the best place to start.

Some web hosting companies will have different names for their types of managed hosting options, however in general there are three types.  It is always a good idea to figure out what your aims and limitations as a webmaster are. If you are proficient with the appropriate technology and have experience running servers you probably will not hesitate to start a new self managed hosting package. If you are new to managed web hosting and have a bit of money then managed may be a better option.

Fully managed hosting

In general the more you pay for a service the more you will get from it. There seems to be some confusion and differing naming of the types of web hosting on the internet. Some service providers will call an account fully managed when it may be partially managed.

Fully managed basically means that you service provider will provide you with optimum support, but you as a client will have complete access to the account. This means you can adapt the server and settings to what is most convenient for you.

One type of fully managed hosting is that of dedicated web hosting. Dedicated web hosting will allow users to have full root access. Some other fully managed services may not allow users to have full root access. It depends on what type of web hosting you have chosen. If you choose managed cloud hosting, for example, you will not have root access. But if the server is split or you are given a private server, and you have opted for managed web hosting, then you will have root access to your private server. This is a good thing to keep in mind, and if you are spending a lot of money for your managed service, you should get a managed VPS or dedicated hosting package.

Partially managed hosting

Users are allowed to choose services that suit their needs. The web host is still responsible for the maintenance, running and monitoring of the server, but as a client you are given more responsibility and access to your account settings. The amount of access and responsibility will depend on the hosting server. Some are very basic and will only provide minimum technical support. This is a good choice if you are in need of extra assistance and do not wish to launch into fully managed hosting, or you do not have the time required to maintain a fully managed hosting account.

Unmanaged hosting or self managed

This is the basic type of hosting and the cheapest. You get what you paid for and will only the most basic features on your account. There will be no extras added to the account and you will be completely responsible for the management of your server. This option is recommend for advanced web servers as it requires a large amount of technical know-how.

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